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All you need is to tell us where the diamond grindings will be used, our professional sales team will recommend the right product to you within 8 hours.


Want to customize diamond tools? Concrete Prep Tools can help develop your product and make it into a real one! the manufacturing & delivery time is guaranteed with our factory!

Brand Owner

Sourcing diamond grinding tools for your brand? We've got a streamlined process for private label diamond tools! From logo marking, packaging to shipping, we got you covered!


Looking to source different types of diamond grinding tools? We offer diamond cup wheels, Grinding Segments, Resin Polishing Pads and so many more! free samples are available

Gallery Of Hot-Sell Products

We produce wide range of diamond cup wheels, grinding segments, grinding discs and Resin Polishing Pads

Boomerang Cup Wheel

Double Row Cup Grinding Disc

Double Row Cup Wheel

PCD+Spike Cup

Ceramic Cup Wheel

PCD Cup Wheel

Resin Polishing Puck

Resin Polishing Pads

Blastrac Trapezoid wing

Grinding Segments

Strict Quality Control

Concrete Prep tools is professional diamond tool manufacturer with 12 years of experience. We set up strict quality control system to supply you best product.

Hot Press Sinter Segments

By using the state-of-the-art hot press sinter machines, the segment is fast and lasts long life.

Inspect the hardness

The segment hardness determins the grinding performance and the life span of grinding tools.

Balancing Test

To guarantee the smooth grinding performance, we do balancing test on every cup wheel.

Overall Inspection and Test

We do overall inspection and test before packaging and delivery.

Provide OEM Service

If you have special requirement or great design idea, pls just let us know, we can make your idea into real product.
Special bond type and Grit Size
Special Segment Shape
Customized Painting Color
Logo Marking
Customized Packaging

Need Any High Quality Diamond Grinding Tools?

Tell us your requirement on diamond grinding tools, we will recommend the right products to you. Quotation list will be send to you within 8 hours.

Why Choose Us

Quick Delivery

We keep stock for most of the production materials and parts, average delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks, for certain items, we can delivery in 5 days

Reliable Quality

Strictly follow the EN 13236 standard and ISO quality control system. 100% pre-delivery test on each product. We guarantee the product quality


With complete production facilities and supportive vendors, we can organize production for small orders. 5pcs can start our cooperation.

Hassle Free

Professional team takes care of your order from production to shipping, no bother. Free replacement or refund in case there is quality issue.

Our Happy Clients

  • "This is a responsible and reliable team, quick reaction, they always offer me solutions but not questions. They took care of my orders very well."
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  • "Excellent!The communication has been great throughout the process, the delivery was timely, better than expected I would say."
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