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Diamond Cup Wheels

Manufacture wide variety of diamond cup wheels with customized production ability. Specially developed metal bond specification with high grade diamond grits, our concrete grinding cup wheels improve your efficency and save labor.

Gallery Of Popular Diamond Cup Wheel 

Double Row Cup Wheel

Double Row Cup Wheel

Boomerang Cup Wheel

Boomerang Cup

Turbo Rim Cup Wheel

Turbo Rim Cup

Turbo Max Cup Wheel

Turbo Max

Turbo Fan Cup Wheel

Fan Cup Wheel

Spiral Fan Cup Grinding Wheel

Turbo Fan Cup Wheel

Turbo Jet Cup Wheel

Turbo Jet Cup Wheel

125mm Triangel Seg Cup Wheel-500

Triangle Cup Wheel

T Shark Cup Wheel

Y-Seg Cup Wheel

Double Row Cup Grinding Disc

Twin Cup Wheel

Turbo Fan Cup Wheel-2

Swirl Cup Wheel

Tornado Cup Wheel

Want to improve your business to next level with high quality diamond grinding tools?

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How We Control Product Quality

1. Hi Quality Diamond Grit

We only purchase the high quality diamond grits from the top 3 diamond grit manufacturers.

2. Mix the Metal Powder

The state-of-the-art mixture machine mix the metal powder and diamond grit completely.

3.Diamond Segment Forming

With various mouldings, we can customize the diamond segment shape as per your needs

4. Hot Press Sintering

Hot press sintered segments with high diamond density, can make the cup wheel last long life. 

5. Test the segment hardness

Qualify the diamond segment by testing it hardness according to the quality standard.

6. Hi-Frequency Silver Brazing

High-frequency silver brazing technology can guarantee the high welding strength 

7. Balancing Test

We do balancing test on each of cup wheel. by drilling holes, the unbalanced one will be adjusted.

8. Pre-Delivery Inspection

Before delivery, we will do overall inspection on the every cup wheel.
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