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Concrete Grinding Diamonds

One-stop supply for all the grinding diamonds: HTC, Husqvarna, Scanmaskin, Lavina, Werkmaster, Blastrac; Wide range of bond types and grit sizes, customized production is available.
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Gallery Of Popular Grinding Diamonds

Have doubt in quality? Free Samples are available for Testing

free samples are available for testing first. You can just let us know the metal bond types and grit sizes you are interested in!
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Why Choose Us

One-Stop Solution

Produce grinding diamonds for almost all the grinder machines on the market.
Full range of metal bond types and grit sizes.


Have doubt in quality? No worries, we can arrange production with low MOQ 9pcs can start the business relations between us.


Want special segment shapes or special color painting, or even special lables? No problem, we can do customization for you!

Factory Direct Price

No wholesalers or traders, you get the price from factory directly. Save your cost and grow your business to next level.

How we pack your Grinding Diamonds?

1. Specially designed box 

Specially designed box with sponge frame inside, can protect the grinding diamonds from collison between each other.

2. Lable the box

We will lable the box with stickers to specify the bond types and grit sizes, or other information needed.

3. Hevy duty carton box

We use hevy duty carton boxes, with high strength and high tenacity, well protect your products during the transportation.

4. Wrap the box with shrink film

After the diamond grinding segments are packed, we will wrap the whole box with shrink films.
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