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PCD Cup Wheels

One-stop supply of all kinds of PCD cup wheels, Split PCD cup wheels, Combo PCD cup wheels, super agressive in removing coatings, epoxy and abrasives, long lasting life

Gallery Of PCD Cup Wheels

PCD+ Vacuum Diamonds

Combo PCD 

Cyclone PCD Cup Wheel

PKD Cup Wheel

PCD Split Cup Wheel

4-Seg PCD Cup Wheel

PCD + TCT Cup Wheel

PCD Cup Wheel

Want to  choose right PCD cup wheels?

Just tell us the what type of coatings you'd like to remove from the floor, our professional sales team will choose the right PCD cup wheels for you.

How We Control The Quality

High Quality Grad PCD

We use high quality 1308 PCD segments on all PCD cup wheels. High wear-resistance, long life
PCD Segment

High Strength Steel Body

High strength steel body with precisely carved slots can hold the PCD segments firmly.
steel base for PCD cup wheel

High Frequency Silver Brazing

High frequency silver brazing technology combin the PCDs and the steel body with high strength.

Dynamic Balancing Test

We do dynamic balancing test on every piece of cup wheel. Zero vibration with aggressive grinding speed.
test the cup wheel arbor

Inspect the bore size

We will inspect the arbor size on every piece of cup wheels. 

Overall Inspection

Before delivery, we will do overall inspection on all the cup wheels. 

What Customers Say

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